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EcoCrypto's Manifesto

EcoCrypto.fr'‘s manisfesto - The French crypto media true to its ideals and up to the standard of the new world. Come feed your mind.

Welcome on Ecocrypto, the incorruptible French publication soon to become a reference. EcoCrypto was created to provide an answer the lack of honest and qualitative content in the French crypto ecosystem.

The manifesto establishes the rules we will abide by to ensure EcoCrypto starts and stays majestic.

EcoCrypto brings a slow approach to news

We take our time to produce high-quality content. We don’t just write a commentary or a reaction to the latest news. We follow our own pace.

We have but one agenda: broaden the crypto world. We want to include as many people as possible in the discussion currently taking place in the cryptosphere. We think the crypto community would benefit from ALL perspectives, and especially the perspectives of those who are presently left out such as people who are unfamiliar with new technologies, or those who don’t speak English.

We write content to make you think, to help you learn, and to challenge your views to broaden your perspective on the world as a whole. If a given piece of content cannot fit any other these three goals, it will not be published.

Decentralization and cryptocurrencies are our focus, but they don’t happen in a vacuum: they will affect the whole world. Hence, we won’t restrict ourselves, and we will bring insights from politics, sociology, philosophy and any other relevant field when appropriate.

Are you schizophrenic Brice? What’s up with « we »?

I believe EcoCrypto will grow bigger than myself. Yet, I’m not afraid to carry this project alone as long as necessary. Anyone who recognizes oneself in this manifesto is welcome to join the adventure. The adherence to the manifesto and the quality of the content are the two only required criteria to be able to publish on EcoCrypto.

EcoCrypto is part of the new world and held to its standards

Youngsters and oldsters alike from all around the world finally have the chance to step up and do their part in a new genesis. We will hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure we are not steering this blank state back to its greedy roots.

We will enforce the following policies from day one:

Centralized and Proprietary Services Minimization

We will avoid using proprietary and centralized services as much as possible. Ultimately, our goal is using none. We won’t be using Google Analytics for obvious reasons. We won’t implement that freakin’ Facebook pixel or any other tracking pixel. To still have exploitable stats on our website, we implemented Matomo (ex Piwit), the self-hosted open analytics solution. We will always prefer an open-source solution if available. The blog is currently powered by WordPress and hosted on SiteGround for its first year. Feel free to reach out if you can figure a more privacy-conscious solution covering our needs.

No sympathy for the devils

While EcoCrypto will need awareness at first, we don’t want compromise with our principles. We will allow ourselves one year of presence on centralized social networks to help develop the initial awareness around Ecocrypto. After that date, it will be time for a cleanup. Since EcoCrypto was officially launched today (07/08/2018), all of our social accounts on centralized services will be deleted on the 8th of July 2019. Hell, we’ll make it a party!

Writers Privacy

Disclosing your identity is not a requirement to become a writer. Simply send us an email at redaction@ecocrypto.fr from a disposable email address. As long as the content is sound and follows the principles stated in this document, we really don’t give a fuck about your name.

Manifesto’s Accountability

If any change is made to this document, the previous versions will be kept online and accessible. You will be able to find all the editions of the manifesto here, as well as a changelog detailing the main changes and their motivations. Feel free to suggest any solution that could allow us to prove the untempering of the manifesto and that wouldn’t require you to trust us.

Our articles are meant to spread

All articles published on EcoCrypto will be translated into English to maximize their availability. If you enjoyed a particular article and would like to translate it into your native language (excluding French, as we cover that already), feel free to do so. Our only condition is that you keep us informed.

We VALUE your attention

You, readers of EcoCrypto are entrusting us with a highly sensitive material: the time and the attention you give to our articles. We are fully aware of the responsibility it entails. We will be transparent, honest and incorruptible to prove ourselves worthy of your time. We will not mislead you to make you click on our articles. Each story will have to provide a real contribution for it to be published. If you think a given piece of content is not paying its due respect to your attention, please let us know.

The Decentralization of EcoCrypto

As the initiator of the project, I, TokenBrice, will have a significant influence over it in its early days. I am fully aware of the centralization vector I represent. EcoCrypto will eventually grow into a decentralized project, but I must first ensure its development and maintain its quality. I will communicate directly on EcoCrypto regarding the steps taken for its decentralization.

Welcome to the new world.

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