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DYED #2 - Be your own bank

Glad to see you again! Now that you’ve got your hands onto some ETH - it’s time to put them to work! To do so, we’ll use the ETH to mint some money of your own! Leveraging ETH is nothing new and there are many ways you could achieve this, however, to keep things manageable & most insightful, allow me to dictate the service used: we’ll go with MakerDAO.

#DYED 1 - Mission Report: Gotta Get Dat ETH

Welcome DYED Trainees, I’m thrilled to have you on board! So first, if you haven’t yet, do join the dedicated Discord channel for the program. You’ll be able to ask your questions and discuss the adventures with other trainees. Bonus: once you are in here, you’ll be granted the DYED Trainee title, making it super easy for me to ping you when a new mission goes live.

DYED #1 - Gotta Get Dat ETH

Welcome aboard, I’m thrilled to be doing this openly for the first time. I helped many friends, colleagues and family members to realize the potential of decentralised finance. When my colleague Vincent asked me to help him figure this out, I knew it was time to share it with the world too!