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Do You Even DeFi? Introduction [DYED#0]

DYED is a DeFi onboarding program articulate with weekly missions. You will be following the pace of Vincent’s Monolith new Product Manager - and I’ll guide the sessions.


Last week, a new Monolith team member joined and not the least: Vincent. Vincent is our new Product Manager, and he wants to catch-up with DeFi. As we first chatted, I asked him if would be willing to share his learning with everyone. He agreed, and so here we are - I’m finding myself designing a DeFi discovery program based on weekly missions.

Here’s how it will work:

  1. Each Monday, I’ll publish a Mission Statement. It includes a DeFi mission (surprise!), as well a quick 2-3 min audio to provide some guidance on how to pull it off. I’ll also include relevant links to learn more on the services used.
  2. Each weekend, Vincent & I will have a ~30 min call to debrief the mission. The call will be streamed lived and available afterwards. Shortly after our call, I’ll write up a mission report based on Vincent’s struggles and questions. The report will be published in the weekend and include the audio.
  3. At any time, you can hop in the program dedicated Discord channel to chat with others taking on this journey & get a ping for each mission/report published.

Pretty straightforward right? While I’m keen to help Vincent onboard, I love this plan and it enables anyone to partake.


Like all tokenbrice.xyz productions, this is forever free. If you appreciate my personal initiatives, you contribute to my Gitcoin Grants here.

What kind of DeFi will you learn?

With this project, my initial goal was to help Vincent gain more and more understanding of DeFi. I’ll hold you to the same standards. This program won’t teach you how to find the next pump on Uniswap nor to get rich overnight.

It will, however, help you understand what decentralised finance is, why it matters, and how to use the key services of the space efficiently. I think newcomers will also appreciate having directions (missions) during their onboarding phase which can be overwhelming.

This program is entirely free - you are here for knowledge and should not expect any reward other than understanding DeFi better.

The first mission is now live: get started by following the link 👇

Do You Even DeFi? - Mission 1 - Gotta Get Dat ETH

Necessary Disclaimers

I’m not here to help you become a ninja-trader for free. I’m here to help you understand how decentralised finance services work, and how you can use them. What happens after is your purview. You could lose money. If you rush and don’t think twice, you might even lose most of of your capital, if not all.


I do not provide investment advice, as I am utterly not qualified to do so. I have no formal trading or investment training, nor professional experience. What I can promise you however is to thrive to keep this content as informative as possible and neutral.

My main goal with this series is to provide the community with a helpful structure to learn more about decentralised finance & make Vincent’s onboarding a compelling, fun, and rewarding experience.

Thanks to all of you who will join us for this adventure, I’m looking foward to it!

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