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An overview of my main contributions to the growth of Ethereum’s Decentralised Finance.

Through my professional and personal engagements, I’m working to grow Ethereum’s decentralised finance ecosystem.

You’ll find here an overview of content production, the meetups & podcasts I contribute to.


Twitter Activity

I curate the most relevant DeFi news on my Twitter and share my insights about the various services I try. I also highlight cool new releases and people in the scene & my opinions (when informed & relevant) on the industry’s events.

I maintain a curated list on Twitter incorporating relevant DeFi projects - it’s a great starting point to explore the space: 🕸 The #DeFi Projects list on Twitter

🕸 How DeFi can pay for your lunches? 💸

A practical-oriented overview where I detail a basic strategy to use decentralised finance to cover for my daily expenses.

Podcasts: Abel Abstracts - Weekly DeFi Catchup with TokenBrice

Every week, Abel and I catch up and go over the new releases in the DeFi space, as well the articles & insights that caught our eyes: find it here - 🎙 Abel Abstracts.

Abel Abstracts - Weekly DeFi Catchup with TokenBrice


🕸 DeFi France

DeFi France is a community innitiative carried by Mounir Benchemled (Founder of Paraswap), Arthur Micoulet (Head of blockchain at Palo.IT) & I. Started in October 2019, the meetup is held monthly since.

It is the leading grassroots decentralised finance meetup in Europe, held enterily in French. In between meetup, the community hangs out on the DeFi France Telegram which became the main host for DeFi discussion in French.

In March 2020, the DeFi France team was invited to present at the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC) - French Track, held in Paris:

➡ Find more info on DeFi France on the French page

Monolith mDeFi Panels

Monolith frequently organises panel discussions to address topics at the very heart of DeFI:

You’ll find more information here:

London meetups

Several informal events were organised before Covid-19, sadly only one was recorded: CodeUp #34 organised by Matoko.

This meetup was held ahead of the ETHLondon Hackaton to present developpers with building blocks they could use. It gives a good overview of 4 building blocks developpers can use to create amazing dApps.

Rachel presenting 3Box:

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